Gennaro Transport Training Joins Professional Truck Training Alliance of Canada (PTTAC)

Gennaro Transport Training Strengthens Commitment to Industry Standards by Joining Professional Truck Training Alliance of Canada (PTTAC)

Gennaro Transport Training, a leader in truck driver training, has taken a significant step towards advancing the industry by joining the Professional Truck Training Alliance of Canada (PTTAC). These types of transport industry partnerships underscore our dedication to providing high-quality training programs that meet the evolving needs of the transportation sector and contribute to a safer driving environment.

What’s In This Article?

The Professional Truck Training Alliance of Canada (PTTAC)

Their Mission and Goals

The Professional Truck Training Alliance of Canada (PTTAC) serves as the unified voice for commercial truck driver training across Canada. Established in early 2022, PTTAC brings together stakeholders who share a vision for accessible, consistent, and valued truck driver training. Their core mission is to drive progress in education, training, and ultimately, road safety through transport industry partnerships, expertise and influence within the industry.

PTTAC Focuses On Achieving Several Key Objectives:

  • Elevating Truck Driving to a Red Seal Trade

    PTTAC advocates for the recognition of commercial truck driving as a Red Seal trade in Canada. This designation would establish national standards for training and qualifications, ensuring consistency across provinces.

  • Standardizing Training Programs

    These transport industry partnerships aim to develop nationally approved truck training instructor programs. This would create a unified curriculum and ensure instructors possess the necessary qualifications to deliver high-quality training.

  • Improving Accessibility

    PTTAC works to remove barriers that hinder access to funding and tuition for truck driver training programs. This could involve lobbying for government grants or scholarships to make training more affordable for aspiring drivers.

Gennaro Transport Training Joins PTTAC

Gennaro Transport Training’s decision to conduct transport industry partnerships and join the PTTAC reflects our ongoing commitment to excellence in the truck driver training industry. By aligning ourselves with a national organization that shares our vision for improved standards and professionalism, we position ourselves at the forefront of positive change.

  • Alignment with National Training Standards: PTTAC’s focus on national training standards provides a framework for us to ensure our programs address what education is required to be a truck driver in Canada and align with best practices across the country. This ensures graduates have the skills employers seek like what type of truck drivers are needed in Canada.
  • Network of Industry Leaders and Resources: Membership within the alliance grants us access to a network of industry leaders and resources. This exchange of knowledge and expertise can further enhance the quality of our curriculum and instructor training, ultimately contributing to how to start a trucking career in Canada with the most up-to-date knowledge.
  • Government Recognition for Truck Drivers: Furthermore, PTTAC’s advocacy efforts for government recognition of truck driving as a Red Seal trade directly align with our goals. By lending our voice to the alliance’s initiatives, we can contribute to raising the profile of the profession and attracting a new generation of qualified drivers.

In essence, our involvement with PTTAC fosters a collaborative environment where industry leaders can work together to achieve shared objectives. This ultimately benefits not only us but also the entire transportation sector by ensuring a highly skilled and professional truck driver workforce.

Transport Industry Partnerships, Initiatives, and Future

Commercial truck passing through a high-way road.

Looking ahead, PTTAC’s commitment to progress extends beyond establishing national standards. Their planned tour of Western Canada demonstrates a proactive approach to collaboration. By directly engaging with provincial and federal representatives, PTTAC can foster open dialogue regarding the challenges and opportunities within the truck driver training industry. This exchange can lead to the development of effective policies and programs that support the alliance’s goals.

Furthermore, PTTAC’s focus on collaboration extends beyond industry stakeholders. By engaging with government bodies, they aim to establish a strong working relationship that benefits both parties. PTTAC’s expertise and insights into the training landscape can be valuable assets in shaping government initiatives related to truck driver training and road safety. This collaborative approach holds the potential to create a more robust and efficient training system for aspiring commercial drivers across Canada.

What’s in It for the Students?

While our focus is on aligning with PTTAC’s goals for transport industry partnerships, student drivers ultimately benefit from this collaboration in several ways. PTTAC’s work towards national training standards means students can expect a more consistent and high-quality educational experience across Canada. Additionally, advocacy efforts for government recognition of truck driving as a Red Seal trade could lead to increased funding and scholarship opportunities, making training more accessible. This paves the way for a more qualified and professional driver pool, potentially leading to better job prospects and earning potential for graduates.

Our Partnership Moving Forward

Leading this charge is Jim Campbell, PTTAC Chairman, and President. As he himself states,

Jim Campbell

Chairman, and President
Professional Truck Training Alliance of Canada (PTTAC)

“As we build this Alliance, our goal is to become the unified voice of Commercial truck training in Canada: the trusted group who makes a difference to the industry, road safety, and education. Working with like-minded stakeholders is the direction we are headed in and we encourage all schools to join our movement.”

The Professional Truck Training Alliance of Canada (PTTAC) stands as a powerful force for positive change within the commercial truck driver training industry. Their commitment to establishing national standards, improving training quality, and advocating for industry recognition positions them as a vital resource for driving progress. Our decision to join PTTAC exemplifies the collaborative spirit needed to achieve these goals.

By working together, PTTAC and its members can ensure a future where truck driver training is accessible, standardized, and valued. This ultimately leads to a more skilled and professional driving workforce, contributing to a safer and more efficient transportation system for all Canadians.

Learn more about PTTAC’s mission and how to get involved by visiting their website!


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