Want To Drive A Freight Truck? Here’s Why Amazon Should Be On Your Radar

When Amazon first introduced two-day shipping, the world of transport and delivery changed forever. Instant delivery was no longer a pipe dream — it became a reality.

But this ultra-fast delivery did not just change the way customers shop: It also changed the way goods and freight travel from A to B. Now, Amazon is pioneering a new era of trucking with its state-of-the-art technology and innovative approaches to transportation.

So, if you’re looking to secure your trucker’s license to become a freight truck driver or a carrier, Amazon should be on your radar. Here’s why: 

Amazon currently commands a market share of more than 21% in the logistics industry within the United States.

The company’s push for innovation couldn’t come at a better time for an industry plagued by inefficiencies, sustainability issues and safety concerns. Their investments in greener vehicles, smarter logistics software and enhanced driver wellness programs are poised to transform trucking as we know it. 

While Amazon’s initiatives may have some benefits, it is essential to consider all potential impacts before deciding. Read on to find out:

Amazon’s Innovative Path In Freight Transport

Amazon took the logistics industry by storm but not without the help of driver-owners and carriers!

Amazon launched its trucking fleet in 2005 to gain more control over shipping costs and delivery times. In 2012, Amazon created its logistics network. Since then, their distribution arm has expanded and gradually transformed freight transportation through programs such as Amazon Relay, Amazon Freight, and Amazon Freight Partner.

In A Nutshell: How Amazon Is Changing the Face of Trucking

  • Technology: Amazon is developing an ecosystem that integrates scheduling, truck routing, and payments to optimize trips and reduce empty miles.
  • Sustainability: Amazon invests in renewable energy and alternative fuels to lower emissions.
  • Safety: Amazon prioritizes safety, investing in driver training, vehicle maintenance, and predictive analytics to prevent accidents.

Amazon is well-positioned to make its vision for trucking a reality. The company has the resources, expertise, and commitment to change the trucking industry positively.

Amazon has been a trailblazer in freight transport innovation. For someone on the lookout for a trucker’s license, it is important to consider the potential opportunities that Amazon provides. By using new technologies and partnerships, they have improved efficiency and provided a better customer experience.

Amazon Relay For Owner-Drivers And Truckers

Amazon Relay lets freight truck drivers earn while enjoying a variety of safety benefits.

Amazon Relay was established to help fill the growing capacity needs in the logistics industry. It provided a self-serve portal for freight truck drivers and independent carriers of all sizes to move freight for big companies, including Amazon.

Over time, Amazon Relay expanded its network and services. As of 2022, the network includes over 50,000 trailers and carriers from the United States and Canada, offering a wide range of equipment and service types. 

This growth has empowered Amazon Relay to offer carriers increased flexibility and autonomy in load selection, enabling them to optimize asset utilization. It also introduced Amazon Freight for shippers and launched the Amazon Freight Partner program to support aspiring carriers.

Amazon Relay Is The Ultimate Freight Trucking Companion

Benefits for Carriers

Benefits for Drivers

1. Short-Term Contracts

Ensure steady work weeks for drivers and expand your fleet by securing earnings through short-term contracts for trucks planned well in advance.

2. Contract Bidding

Participate in auctions with clear visibility into auction time and current lowest bid for contracts.

3. Load board  

Access diverse job options on Amazon’s freight network with transparent, comprehensive pricing.

4. Post A Truck

Utilize the Post A Truck feature to book loads, automatically minimizing empty miles and downtime.

5. Incentives

Enjoy exclusive savings on fuel, tires, maintenance, and other benefits.

1. Work Schedule & Alerts

Drivers enjoy clear visibility into assigned work and receive real-time notifications for load changes.

2. Effortless Check-Ins

Our automated facility check-in/out process and electronic in-yard instructions minimize driver dwell time at gates and yards.

3. Smart Navigation

Truck-specific navigation guides drivers safely to yard entry gates, considering low bridges, weight limits, and other restrictions along commercial-friendly routes.

4. Convenient Stop

Drivers can easily add fuel, food, and parking points of interest to their routes while planning trips.

Amazon Freight For Shippers

Amazon eventually expanded its customer base to shippers too.

Following the success of Amazon Relay, Amazon launched Amazon Freight, a trucking company that provides transportation services to shippers. It was established in 2019 and has since expanded to North America, the U.K., and Germany. 

Amazon Freight offers a reliable and safe service for shippers, allowing them to deliver their goods efficiently with quality customer support. It provides a variety of benefits, including:

1. Transparent Pricing

Amazon Freight’s pricing is all-in, so you know exactly what you’re paying before you book a shipment.

2. 24/7 Support

Customer service is a top priority for 44% of shippers when choosing a freight provider! Amazon Freight offers 24/7 support to shippers, so you can get help whenever needed.

3. Flexible Booking

You can book Amazon Freight loads for next-day pick-up or up to 14 days out.

4. Reliable Service

Amazon Freight has a high on-time pick-up and delivery rate

Amazon’s expansion also led it to purchase hundreds of trucks, which resulted in empty backhauls. This meant that Amazon could now control the direction of its freight and ensure that its trucks were always full. But it also allowed trucks to return to their home base without cargo, resulting in an empty backhaul.

To solve the problem of empty backhauls, Amazon has created a program called Amazon Freight Partner. This program allows independent carriers to do business with Amazon and fill their trucks with Amazon freight. 

This helps reduce the number of empty backhauls and revolutionizes what Terri Creech, Head of Product and Learning for Amazon Freight Partner, called The Middle Mile. The Middle Mile refers to everything from picking and packing customer orders to the last mile of delivery.

Amazon Freight Partner For Aspiring Carriers

For those who want to own a fleet of freight trucks, the Amazon Freight Partner might be the right business venture for you.

Amazon Freight Partners is a program that allows entrepreneurs to start their own trucking business and move Amazon freight between sites within the Amazon network. You don’t need trucking experience to be an Amazon Freight Partner, but you need strong business acumen and the ability to lead a team.

Amazon provides Amazon Freight Partners with state-of-the-art trucks, fuel, tolls, and maintenance. They also offer exclusive offers on employee health care, truck insurance, legal and H.R. services, and more.

Amazon Freight Partners can expect to generate $1.5M–$3.5M in revenue and $100K–$300K in profit annually. And best of all, there is no fee to exit the program.

To become an Amazon Freight Partner, you must:

  • Have a minimum of $40K in cash assets.
  • Submit an application and interview.
  • Complete a training program.
  • View full requirements here

If you’re a driven and experienced entrepreneur passionate about trucking, then Amazon Freight Partner may be the perfect opportunity for you.

Quick Recap On Amazon Freight Trucking Programs


Amazon Relay

Amazon Freight Partner

Amazon Freight

Target audience Carriers and drivers Carriers who want to commit to moving freight for Amazon on a long-term basis Shippers who need to move large quantities of freight
Contract length Short-term contracts Long-term contracts N/A
Support  24/7 operational support Trucks, maintenance, insurance, fuel, parking, training, and support Transparent pricing, 24/7 support, flexible booking

What Amazon’s Initiatives Mean For Freight Truck Drivers

Amazon's commitment to innovation provides a wealth of work opportunities for freight truck drivers.

Amazon’s innovative freight transportation solutions aim to revolutionize trucking through technology integration, sustainability initiatives and a focus on safety. For trucker’s license aspirants and holders, this means improved working conditions, training opportunities and job security for truckers.

Technology Integration

Amazon is investing heavily in new technologies to improve the efficiency of freight transportation. These technologies, such as self-driving trucks and predictive analytics, could revolutionize the trucking industry and create new opportunities for carriers and drivers.

Sustainability Initiatives

The company invests in eco-friendly freight trucks, alternative fuels and other green initiatives to reduce pollution from freight shipping. As Amazon transitions to more sustainable practices, truckers must adapt to new vehicle types and fueling procedures.

Impact On The Environment

Amazon is committed to sustainability, and its freight transportation initiatives are designed to reduce the environmental impact of shipping. This could lead to changes in how freight is transported, such as a shift to more fuel-efficient vehicles or renewable energy.

Investment In Improvements

Amazon spends heavily implementing state-of-the-art safety features in all vehicles, including collision avoidance systems, stability control and air disk brakes. The company also provides wellness programs and rest areas for drivers. These investments signal Amazon’s commitment to trucker health, well-being and workplace safety.

While adapting to changes may present challenges, the overall benefits to individuals and the trucking industry are substantial. Amazon’s innovative solutions aim to revolutionize the field, and truckers will play a key role in achieving that vision.

Amazon’s Strategic Investments Chart A New Course For Freight Trucking

With Amazon, the future is bright for the next generation of freight truckers!

So, while the road ahead still holds many challenges, Amazon’s freight innovations offer a glimpse into a future with improved safety, efficiency and sustainability in an industry ripe for change. 

By investing in technology and strong partnerships, Amazon is paving the way for commercial trucking to reach its full potential. For truckers, this means more fantastic opportunities, better pay, and less time away from home. 

The open road is calling with the promise of progress. The future of trucking has arrived, and the road ahead looks bright. Hop in the driver’s seat – the journey starts today.

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